Hello there,
This is a new intro as  I have now been teaching in classrooms for the past 15 years.

Me 2015
This blog was a haven for me for a year, a place to record and reflect, to celebrate and connect, but after moving back to China I wrote less often then stopped for a year. There are several unfinished drafts, but for 2014 there were no posts. I wasn’t stagnant, just directed my interests into different places and a frustration with the need to add a VPN any time I wanted to blog made me crazy. I still used Twitter but was more of a lurker and  Instagram became my new favourite place to post.

So 2014 was full of teaching coding and animation (which I was published for, but never mentioned here) and Lego robotics and iPad movie making clubs as well as all the integration of ICT skills in my normal class, but I did not write here.

But this will change, and has changed, for I am back and I hope that it is for a long time.



Feb 2015

Education is not the filling of a bucket, but the lighting of a fire.


Hello there,

After 12 years of teaching, in the New Zealand and International school systems,  I have had a new lease on life and re-found my thirst for knowledge and to be a learner.  8 months ago I was Luke_Dyerintroduced to twitter and the notion of a PLN.  This social media device I previously thought to be a plaything of teenagers has redefined me as a teacher and connected me with educators and forward thinkers around the globe.  I now wake thinking where to next – how can I challenge my self and my students.

This blog, to me, is a way to record those aha moments, the failures, the successes and the curious moments that make me sit back and think.  All writing is my own, as are the opinions. If I mention you in a post, it is a complement and I will inform you of it as I do not want to misquote.  All images are used under creative commons licence or my own.

Feel free to leave a comment, a reflection of your own or just say hello.  I enjoy being challenged in a positive way and always enjoy a tricky question that questions why I have acted a certain way or chosen to do something the way I have.  To be a teacher you must firstly be a learner.

Please enjoy and if on Twitter say hello


January 2013



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