30,000+ Pageviews needed a cake to celebrate

Just another time lapse with iLapse, but this was to celebrate reaching 30,000 hits on the class blog.  As I walked in the door 1 Minute iPhone Movie Challengewith the cake on Thursday morning I was instantly questioned “Who made the cake? You or Sara?” (my wife).  A visual vote showed that only 4 of the 25 thought I had baked the cake so I showed them this clip that I had prepared earlier.

There is a short treat in the middle of the clip that caused ROFL by the whole class, but as one of my teaching heroes Dave Burgess says in his book Teach like a Pirate you need to be passionate about teaching and build that rapport with your kids, how better to do that than to have a bit of a laugh at yourself and show your kids that you care by making not only a cake for them, but also a movie.

A Cake for the Class from Dukelyer on Vimeo.


A bit of fun…

Having a quick play with my new Trade Me purchase, which is a tripod for a smart phone. I do not believe that I will ever 1 Minute iPhone Movie Challengefind a better use of  $7.50.

I have always admired the image within a stop motion clip where life is hectic for all but a few. The class came up with this idea for the film and as the Spiderman Encyclopedia is one of those all-absorbing, lose yourself in time, kind of books, it was the perfect inspiration for our key actor.  So here is a clip – slightly staged – of the first 10 minutes after lunch where SSR is the first port of call.

SSR – Sustained Silent Reading

SSR after lunch from Dukelyer on Vimeo.

iphone tripod 2

iphone tripod 1

1 Minute iPhone Movie Challenge

This was a sort of geeky challenge I set myself on Easter Sunday, to take my money and place it where my mouth is. I sing the praises of the multi disciplinary iPhone, although truth be known a good Android would do the same, and opportunity presented itself.
It was a day for a Wanau road trip over to the sea at Haast, so my challenge was the one minute movie of the trip. Using iMovie, iLapse and my ukulele to record the sound the finished product.

A Trip to see the Sea from Dukelyer on Vimeo.

Next time I think it could be a documentary or maybe a daughter directed drama, but with the same premiss – 100% phone created, filmed/edited in one day and lasting one minute exactly.