Animating Poetry

IMG_6656As the class walked in today I was greeted with 1/3 less than normal due to a flu that is doing the rounds, so the lesson that was planned needed a bit of tweaking and I thought it was the right time to try a lesson that I had been planning but not had the chance to try. I have used iStopmotion a lot and used it to assess students understanding of the water cycle (Click link to article I wrote about it for the iStopmotion Blog), but I have wanted the opportunity to see how students would react to adding visuals to their poetry and making their poems into a performance piece or a short video clip. There were several ways we could have done this, but I thought that by starting in iStopmotion then finishing in iMovie we could have a lot of fun.

So with a slight twist, my 5 minute paired warmup on emotions became the focus for the lesson and the lesson that was planned was pushed back to tomorrow and we went with the Emotions vs Feelings short poem, but added the need to add some visuals.

As per usual, after a quick brainstorm of ideas, a look at a writing model and a student generated set of intentions I let the kids get on with it. As per usual i answered many questions with “I’m not sure?” or “Go ask them, I think they are doing something like that…” and off the kids went. I have to admit that I am blessed with a focused and creative bunch and it was a joy to see them create and problem solve and do things in ways that I just do not think of. Below is the example created by my Student Teacher, which I thought was a good model of what it could look like if you wanted to do this in you class and below that is one of the kids creations (Year 5) and a good example of what a 9 year old boy associates with the emotion of discusted.

All in all a lot of fun and great way to integrate ICT in a Literacy lesson.