Students Creating their Homework

In our second Smack Down the brief was ‘share an App or Program or Website that assists you with your home learning’. One of 6 x 7the websites that was shared was a French website called Apprendre Memoriser that that was made up of  short clips of cartoons or animations that told a story of each time table with the goal of helping children remember difficult times tables. While most students thought it was just a funny cartoon, I could see real connections with helping dyslexic students learn their timetables.

One of the kids said “Can we make some?”

“We just don’t have the time this week”

“It could be our homework”, said another.

So I replied, “Sure, but it is an optional homework task and you can choose how you want to present your stories”.

So far we have had two movies, a poster, a story and a picture book all telling the tale of a times table. It has been great to see the class challenge themselves to make improve animations, apply their creativity and to drive their own home learning.

The story below is…

Two cars were traveling too fast and lost control. The first car hit the 3 squashing it into a 2 and the second car hit the 7 causing it to break off and form a 1, thus 3X7 is 21.


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