Students as the experts – Buddy Tech Support

A Year 1 teacher came to me with a problem yesterday. As it is book week, her class Where-Is-the-Green-Sheep-imagewere using ‘Where is the Green Sheep’ as motivation and writing their own version by taking photos of their sheep around the school with the iPads. They were then using Pages to collate their images and add the captions. They could have used Comic Life or Creative Book Builder or a range of other programs, but the problem would have still been the same – 5 year olds sometimes find it hard to format a page, use a text box and make sure that their creations are all in the appropriate places.

IMG_7333The solution was one that I had not tried before and it was very successful – instead of buddy reading we were going to have Buddy Tech Support.

I gave my students an outline of the Year 1’s learning task and paired them up then off they went. Each 5 year old had a 1:1 expert on their shoulder guiding them through the process.

As some began to finish they began tutorials in Puppet Pals or challenged them  to Maths and Literacy games. Their was connection between students, transference of knowledge and a very calm and caring buzz going around the class.

It won’t be a weekly thing as that would take away the power of the experience and make it routine. The next time a class is having a problem with an application the first thing I will not be doing is not working it through with the classroom teacher, but seeing if my class are able to help solve the problem.


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