Creating a quick Video Tutorial to support Home Learning

I though that I would share this experience from last term as I thought it was a pretty good example of problem solving and a great way to show my students to power of the digital tools they all have at their disposal.

I teach Year 5 and we were using protractors for the first time and some clicked but others took a bit longer to get it. The class asked for some more practice angles to take home so that they could master the skill and that was then end of that.

Later that evening I receive two emails from students saying “I just don’t get it!”. So what do I do, do I leave the kids hanging, email back saying ‘Don’t worry, we’ll go through it tomorrow’? I tell them that if they email me before 8pm I will try to get back to them.

Quick solution – record a quick tutorial on my iPhone and email it to the kids. 5 minutes recording time, 5 minutes editing and voice over and email it to students in a small file format. But, instead of just emailing the kids who asked for help I emailed it to all of them and their parents. Next morning there were many others who needed help, but hadn’t asked, but thanks to the video all kids had completed the task there were several thank you emails from parents and it was all thanks to two kids asking for help and an iPhone.


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