Last Day of Term – App Smash not DVD

Kids used to love the last day of school DVD on the projector and while it was on the screen the teacher would complete the roll or compile assessment tracking data. In short the DVD was a way to keep students busy while the teacher completed jobs so that the teacher could leave a minute after the students did. But I like to create not stagnate, so I booked the pod of iPads and said your brief is to “Smash some apps into something bigger and better”.

I posed the question of what Smashing Apps meant and one girl said ‘You create something in one app, then put it into another app and then maybe do it again if you can” – she was pretty much bang on, but if you want a deeper explanation you have to read  the post ‘Why App Smash’ by @ipadWells.

So we brainstormed what apps we could use and off we went. The music was created in Garage Band, they filmed and took photos, they animated in iStopmotion and created clips in Puppet Pals HD, then they put it all together in iMovie and recorded voice overs, sound effects and foley art. There was no learning intention other than Create something and Tell a Story. There was no assessment other than ‘Did you have Fun?‘ and ‘Did you create something?’. The whole class creating, not stagnating all morning and there was constant transference of knowledge as one child learned a new way to do something then shared it with the person next to them.

So next time you think about putting on a DVD, which you know they have all seen before, get some iPads and get smashing!


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