Breaking the Habit

I received an email from WordPress yesterday.

It asked me where have I been.

It said more than a year had passed since my last post.

It told me over 5,000 people had visited my blog in the time since I last posted.

Writing this blog was a habit, a positive habit, that allowed me to share and reflect and put down my ponderings in a record.

It allowed me to say the things that I was thinking, but had no one close of a like mind to share them with.

It let me share my successes, my failures, my discoveries.

It is not that I have not been inspired, tried to inspire or sometimes even been inspirational.

In the past year I have certainly had successes and discoveries. I am proud to say that through the past year there have been my fair share of failures, but is that not what it means to be a learner?

…I just broke the habit, and it is time to repair it.


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