Battle Royale of Stopmotion Apps – Round 1 iMotion HD

Indispensable PLN

In a couple of weeks I am running an after school activity or club for 7 to 10 year olds learning about Claymation. Stop motion animation is a skill that I have not used for a few years and actually not used with students in an iPad environment at all, as the past year has had a lot more focus on videos and time lapse. I tweeted out my request for App suggestions and quickly had several retweets and two great leads to follow up on thanks to @Jackbillie and @theICTadvisor (You have to love the Twitter PLN!). I had also played with the pricey iStopmotion App when at a conference in Invercargill last year, so with three choices the trials have begun, but if you read this and know of others send me the link and I will add it to the trial.


-Kid Friendly

-Not to pricey

-Simple to save and upload

-Some extras that make it stand out from the rest

-Kid friendly


iMotion HD


-iPhone / iPod Touch

-Lego and Star Wars Toys (Yes I still have them even though I am in China)

First Contender – iMotion HD

-Free (but has an upgraded pay version)

-Has a secondary App called iMotion R that allows for recording and project management from a secondary iOS device in Wifi distance.

-No onion Skin option that I could find.

-Quick and easy to use (I think that a year 2-5 student shouldn’t have any real problem)

-Free version does not directly upload to youtube, but saves to camera roll and then can upload to Youtube.

-Not that easy to remove frames from a longer clip.

-As with all save to camera options you can edit the sound and such at a later date with iMovie.

The three second clip below that took 5 minutes from conception to being on Youtube is the proof that this is a great App – find me the Onion Skin option and it would get full marks.

Please add your contender for best App, opinion or ideas to the mix (I am the first to admit that I am often wrong) and lets see if we can work out the best app available and why.

Join the Battle like these guys!

Stay Tuned for next week’s edition with I Can Animate.



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