AR – I begin a journey into Augmented Reality

I now have begun a journey that I have wanted to for a while, but somehow I had not found the time until yesterday. Augmented reality or AR is the learning, so for those of you who know about it and use it please send tips and links that may be of help.  Those of you who know some send me questions, tips that helped you or links either here or through social media. Those of you who say “Augmented Reality, what is that?” need watch the TED Talk I have embedded and then have a look at the stuff done by Brad and Drew ( then join the journey yourselves.

Now I played with Aurasma a year ago, but did not have the devices and there were limitations with where Auras could be stored. Then I watched over Brad and Drew’s journey of the past year and was very pleased when they helped to convince Aurasma to allow easier access to a studio account. I applied, I was denied saying the account was not authorised and guessed it was a you don’t live in the USA kind of restriction (They happen sometimes and it still brings back memories of free comic book offers and competitions that I was not allowed to be a part of ).

So I waited and tried again to log in a month later and no luck (blah blah blah, so on the story goes) – I contacted Drew, Brad and Aurasma yesterday in a tweet asking why my account was not authorised and ‘Booyakasha, check out my Aurasma’ (Studio Account).

Forbes discusses the retail implications of AR

So now, with a studio account I can really begin to play and unlock the mystery of Augmented Reality. With a studio account it allows me to create Auras on my computer then save them to any or all of my channels. Like with Twitter and other social media, anyone who follows me is able to see the Auras that I have created. With a simple share link that I can email out to people who I want to follow a link to my account. Now if you have Aurasma on your phone (iOS or Android) and receive that link email, you simply need to click on it and it takes you to the app and follows the channel I have shared.

So if you wanted to get parents involved you need to get the kids enthused and then you send them an email with links to the App store and Play Store as well as a link to your class or school or syndicate or Key Stage or what ever Aurasma channel and you are away laughing.

Now at the moment I am till in the stages of trying to grasp the implications of AR use in the classroom, but that is the next step of my journey and I know that it will be filled with challenges, frustrations and successes. I have tagged a students artwork with a video of her explaining the process that we went through to create the art (an interactive display board), but until I have gotten the children enthused and creating I will keep it on the down low.

Maybe I will start on Monday with a scavenger hunt around the classroom. By tagging a dozen items around the class with auras of Dragons and ninja or a video message or two from myself I am sure that I will get the kids excited – I can hear the Oooohhs, Ahhhhs and laughter as each Aura is discovered. throughout the clasroom Maybe next we can move onto them tagging their own items and see where the journey takes us.


Check out Drew and Brad’s work here.

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