GHO_99330bI am privileged to be an attendee at the first ever EdcampHome, the creation of David Theriault , Shawn White, Kelly Kermode and Karl Lindgren-Streicher. When I was sent a link from David a few months back I understood what an Edcamp was, I knew about Google Hangouts and knew that it would be at 4am on a Sunday morning in NZ, but seeing these four work their magic together to create this masterpiece has been a true morning of wonder.

The brainstorm began using Lino It, which is much like Wall-wisher, and as the ideas were added Kelly bundled and grouped and added to a Google Form.  That was ranked and top choices were allocated to time slots, people volunteered to be moderators or facilitators and away it went.

There was an amazing Twitter backchannel running the whole way through and the sessions were inspiring and made sharing of links and connecting people after the event possible.

As you can imagine when you try something for the first time there will be hiccups and stumbles along the way, but everyone was so appreciative of what these for had created that they were so happy to wait a bit and only have 2 sessions rather than 3.

Sadly my internet proxy was playing up, so I had to watch the YouTube feed and interact through Twitter, but I have taken away so much to implement and think about and have a flock of new educators to follow. You must check out the EdCampHome website as all the workshops are there to be viewed at a later date.

Thank you David, Karl, Kelly and Shawn and I leave you with a quote from a session about AR that I think sums up one of the reasons why Twitter is great, but connections from EdCamp allow you to take it just a bit further.

@Caggee talking about Augmented Reality “It’s so much easer to understand when it’s not in 140 characters”


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