A unique gift

On the last day at HFS a student came to me with a small recycled plastic container and inside it contained a farewell gift.
I am not a big fan if gifts, as I feel honored and a bit embarrassed at the same time. Additionally there is the student who has spent hours on making a card, which is almost as good as my favourite gift the thank you letter, but feels that another kid has ‘won’ because they have given a bought gift. If I could, I would ban gifts, but that is not going to happen, so I will suffer the awkwardness of the end of year and continue being very great full.
Now back to the box, as it was the most unique gift I have ever received ever, was student created, involved a lot of hard work and creativity and was created with me in mind – my very own Lego set designed by this boy with handwritten instructions.
I was honored and gobsmacked.
We sat down together and I built the kit under his guidance. I just have to share it here as it is too cool and is the unique gift to get the geek who has everything.




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