Crack the Egg – Some simple Avatars to jazz up your social media account

With a social media account I believe that there needs to be a bit of thought taken into the way it is presented; firstly with the biography and secondlyhuevo with the image you have chosen. The bio is where you get to say a bit about yourself and interests, but the image serves the purpose of proving you are real and, in my opinion, shows you are interested in the game of Social Media.

With the image in mind, using the Egg or silhouette is just a bit lazy and many will block or refuse to follow an egg, but many like myself do not wish to use a portrait of themselves as their image, so the next option is to create an Avatar or an image that represents you.  There are many Avatar creators out there, but here are some of my favorites.

Bobble Shop (iOS App for iPad and iPhone)

It is just over $4 but a fantastic App and one of the most diverse Avatar creators as you can make almost anyone.

DukelyerClay Yourself

This is an online Avatar Creator and really easy for younger students. Not as many options, but you are able to get some resemblance and very popular if your are a fan of Wallace & Gromit.  It does leave you with the logo at the bottom of the image, but you could always crop it out if you do not like it.

Clay Yourself

Dopple Me

This is another online option that was shared with me by @MrKempNZ.  It has a fantastic range of design choices and saving options, but you do need to register (costs nothing and have not received any SPAM or junk mail from the website).  The signing in does make it a bit more difficult to use independantly with younger students.


Adding a filter to a Self Portrait

There are hundreds of camera apps out there and most are free. Take a photo of yourself and add a filter and it’s you, but not you. An instant Avatar of yourself.


Other Options

There are others that are fantastic and others that are not so fantastic.  Many of my favourites no longer exist (Create your own Simpson character or

Screen Shot from Face Your Manga
Screen Shot from Face Your Manga

Wimp Yourself) or other average ones require giving away email details to places am unsure of.  Just remember that if you create one and you do not want to sign up so you can download the image you can always use the Snipping Tool of Windows 7 or Command Shift 4 on a Mac to screen capture your creation.


It just brings me back to a playground insult from my childhood…

“Don’t be an Egg!”


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