Often unused school resource – the Parent

A local ski field asked for a mural to be painted that would line the magic carpet ride on the beginner slopes.  It is to be on a particle board that is about 1.2m by 3m.  We have a production that has been in the works for the past 5 weeks and it has been pretty chaotic at our small school so I volunteered my class and we had a few pencil sketchs and ideas down on paper… then the chaos of production really began. The mural was forgotten for a time and the deadline for it being collected loomed. I had no opportunity to complete it and no other teachers did either so how do you solve a solution like that? Look to the awesomeness of your school community.

Two mums came in and took what the class had sketched and transposed it onto the board with pencil and then spent a whole day getting the class to pain the mural.  These ladies saved the day and everyone had an fantastic time.  Each child painted their own sketches and every child of the 25 in Room 6 had at least 30 minutes with paint brush in hand.  It was a true collaboration and awesome to watch and has reminded me of the knowledge base within the paren community of a school.

Often parents are reluctant to come in and share their passions, but they have them and they are awesome. Make a list of their passions, survey them, approach them, but get them involved and the school and students will benefit from it.

Treble Cone Mural from Dukelyer on Vimeo.


2 thoughts on “Often unused school resource – the Parent

  1. Christine Wells

    Parents really appreciate being involved in their kid’s learning, I know I used to enjoy it when my daughter was little. What a great way to involve them and their talents!

    1. …and we have a parent coming in next week to share about mountain climbing and how all the different equipment works. Sad when parents are an untapped resource.

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