PLN + Google Apps = Collaboration that knows no boundaries and Ubiquity

Time Zone is no longer a Barrier.2522623_a776a0c9

Distance is no longer a Barrier.

Language is no longer a Barrier.

Big walls and other barriers like fences, rivers, marshland, tidal estuaries and hedge rows are no longer barriers.

There is a word that I have heard within New Zealand education for the past 6 months – Ubiquitous Learning. Now I do not grasp new educational discourse quickly and usually ignore it until it slaps me on the face, but a friend commented on Twitter last night about the #NZSchoolTimelapse project and mentioned the word. The light went on in my head and I truly grasped the meaning of Ubiquity (and google searched a bit to make sure I was right).

Part of the Wikipedia entry on uLearning (as I am an expert that is what I will call it now 😉 ) is…Twitter Chat

  • Shifts the classroom from a traditional to non-traditional context.
  • Prepares and encourages students to become lifelong learners.
  • Prepares students for “real life.” New technologies have become a part of our lives, and students need to learn how to use these technologies in order to prepare for their future careers.

…and is that not what we want for our students and is that not how we learn ourselves.  I know that my learning is within a Ubiquitous Environment – my PLN, the blogs I read, the devices I have at my disposal to learn on the go and in places of my choosing.  My next challenge is to make sure that the way I learn is emulated in my classroom and, while with my year 3s and 4s still need a lot of scaffolding and I have technological restraints, I know where I am heading and know that it will benefit my students.

Finally the inspiration for this posting, other than Anne’s ‘Ubiquity MAGIC!’  comment, the New Zealand School Time Lapse Project that organically grew from a twitter chat, involved 13 schools, 16 teacher and thousands of students through out New Zealand and a few other countries and was so much fun to edit together.   It was completely managed through Twitter and a Google Doc and not an email, phone call or face to face influenced it – although a cuppa and a chat with all of the contributors would have been fantastic.

Ubiquity in action and the start of something big!


5 thoughts on “PLN + Google Apps = Collaboration that knows no boundaries and Ubiquity

  1. Thanks for the opportunity to be a part of the project, Luke. Ubiquity, Agency and Connectedness as outlined by Derek Wenmouth on his blog ( ) is the thread through my inquiry this year. What has startled me is how naturally this has come to the children in my class with the introduction of Teacher Dashboard and google accounts for the children. They are connecting at a whole new level with each other and having real conversations about their learning.

    What I loved about your project was that it gave teachers a great way to model at the children’s level these three themes. Derek talks about “Drivers of Change” and all I can say is, “let’s keep driving!” 🙂

    1. Will check out Derek’s blog. Was a fantastic experience and have to publicly proclaim that your shot of the cleaner was magical and a great way to end the clip.

  2. Woohoo, LUKE, you are the MAGIC that glues us all together and inspires us to greatness… I am in awe of the inspiration, the learning, the sharing, the growing… Ubiquity = MAGIC = MAGIquity….. YAY

  3. Thanks Anne. It is perfect that the two who inspired me to tweet through their actions and awesomeness are the two who have commented on is post… You and Claire.

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