With technology it is so easy to record and share, so why don’t we more often?

Found a great iPad and iPhone App, had a play, then recorded a super quick review and after all that was done I uploaded it to YouTube. Entire process was less that 10 minutes.

Maybe my editing could have been better?

Maybe I should have scripted?

Maybe I should have had a third take instead of being happy with the second?

…but the task was not to be perfect, as it was to share and to share quickly, then procede with my day.  It is open for the world, but I could have saved it just for those with the link, then embedded it in a Wiki or class blog thus sharing the learning with a specific group of people.   I guess my message with this post is that we have the technology to quickly record then share in a way that is accessible and rewindable, so why don’t we, as it would help a lot of our kids. I don’t at the moment with my year 3s and 4s as I have always thought them too young, but  now I feel that I might have been wrong?


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