Creative Commons Searching for Images and Audio

I am at the moment trying to find the right music to fit the NZ School Time Lapse Project and it is not easy. My problem is not that I am unable to find Screen Shot 2013-05-29 at 4.27.28 PMmusic that I can use, but that I am having trouble finding music to suit as there is just so much music available through websites such as Jamendo.

I have trained my class well and they are very aware of using images and audio that they have the right to use; they will only use media that have been found on CC Search (if you don’t use it with your class or something similar then you need to as it removes the issue of copy write).  CC Search allows you to search many different data bases depending on what form of media you are after – Flicker and Google for images, Jamendo or SoundCloud for Audio and so on.

Now in my search for audio that would suit I have discovered that aside from simple tracks in a genre there is also artists who have recorded entire albums that are designed for use in documentaries and they have even been sub categorized by the style of documentary or theme that you have in mind. In many cases all the artist asks for in return is that you give them mention in the credits of the film. To me that is just too cool! So click here to get to a sample and click on the image above to get to CC Search.  If you do not already use a search with copy write in mind and if you allow your class to use what ever music or images they wish then maybe it is time for you to provide them with a different and legal option and help them to become better digital citizens.


2 thoughts on “Creative Commons Searching for Images and Audio

  1. I enjoyed reading this, and it reminds me that unlike you, I haven’t taught my class to consistently use images that they have the right to. Have you got any tips for teaching this?

    1. Hey there Sandy,
      It was something that I never did either, but then heard mention of Creative Commons and was interested so investigated further. A friend showed me Flickr Storm, which draws from Flickr and uses images at have been tagged under a set CC licence. Creative Commons NZ have a fantastic poster resource that breaks down the different stages and types of licences.
      This year in class I have cad a lass Google Chrome Account and has CC Search (the one linked in the post) the first favourite on the favourites bar- my class are 7 & 8 year olds, so it removes the first step of searching for the site. Another way to get to it easily would be to link it to your class blog.
      Secondly, and I feel that this is the most important part, is I talk and model with my class the use of images that I am allowed to use and an interactive white board or data projector is a great place to do this.
      Hope this helps and happy to answer further questions.

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