Powering Down – Cutting the Connection for the Weekend

switch-41684_640As I left school of Friday at 6pm there were lists of things to get done before Monday morning, lesson plans to finalise, digital resources to source for the production, books to mark and as every teacher knows the list goes on. When I eventually got home I decided that of all of these things I would do none and was glad that I had left the iPad and laptop at school.

The only device I actually had was my iPhone and I actually came close to removing a few of the Apps that keep me connected, but chose to work on will power rather than banishment. I also decided that completely shutting off might be counterproductive, so I allowed 5 minutes each morning and evening to check my emails.  From this quick email check I had one important email form a parent to follow up on, a request from a teacher to a link for a Google Doc which was sent in a quick DM and clicked publish on a guest post for the stop_sign_by_cyclops_unicorn-d565ctlGlobal Classroom Project blog that I had written on Friday afternoon.  In short one weekend was 5 minutes of school work, there was no morning in the classroom or evening with a pile of books and no collaborations through a Google Doc or twitter chats – it was fantastic and rejuvenating.

Here I am on a Monday morning with my week about to begin, a huge to do list, but a great feeling of satisfaction for a weekend well spent.  Now I know that as teachers this is not a reality and our only real break from work comes in the summer, but I you are like me and connected a bit too much take time to stop and turn off – for an evening, a day or a weekend – and I believe that it will recharge you more than you can imagine.


8 thoughts on “Powering Down – Cutting the Connection for the Weekend

  1. Pascal

    I think it is called the ‘I don’t want to miss out on anything’ syndrome.

    Getting the shakes just thinking about turning off all device for the weekend. But can definitely see the benefits of rest and relaxation for just 1 weekend. Might have to do that this long weekend.

    1. I don’t want to miss out on anything’ syndrome… I like it 🙂 Do not think that if I was to power down every weekend it would be as successful as the last, but maybe. Think I will take two days of the long weekend, but think that Monday will be a school day.

  2. Melulater

    I think if we use our holidays and after school (if a meeting hasn’t gobbled it up) time to get the essential basics to running our classrooms done, we will enjoy the kids and teaching more. Most other things will fall into place with a bit of effort and rush… and if you didn’t do it, was it worth doing and could you really have fitted it into your class programme?

    1. Am sure that if I had done it it would have fitted in perfectly, but I am just that awesome heheheheheeee…
      You are right, we need to draw the line, just not sure where.

  3. Great post Luke. Last year I used to have a designated ‘no laptop’ night where it would stay at school and home was not for school work! Really helped my week and the things on the list always got done, eventually!

  4. Anne K

    Hi Luke,
    Absolutely MAGIC post!
    I admire greatly that you have taken time to post this! I am incredibly BAD at powering down and I take a lot from this post to carry into next weekend! You have really focused me -THANK YOU!!!
    Anne K

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