5 thoughts on “1:25 iPad Classroom – A Creative Model

  1. bhwilkoff says:

    I really like the way in which you have framed the usage of a single device in the classroom. It isn’t about doing everything with it that you would do within a 1:1 environment, but rather it is about using it strategically and going further because of the constraint.

    In particular, I LOVE the concept of Gorilla Blogging. The idea that students are capturing things from your classroom and sharing them to a single place. It reminds me of the “Scribe Posts” that a good number of math teachers were doing around 2006, but with a greater emphasis on students choosing what they want to write about. Just by giving a kid a device and telling them to capture their learning, you have empowered them to make something that wasn’t possible before. I would love to see blogs (or other types of social media) dedicated simply to students showing off the heavy thinking and great ideas from their own projects.

    P.S. This comment is a part of the #C4C15 project. Find out more here: http://learningischange.com/blog/2014/12/27/c4c15/

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