Changing of the Guard – Apple is in, PC is out.

Now this week something happened that I never thought would unless I was forced to by a schools computer preference… I bought a MacBook Air.  I always knew the pros of Apple with regards to Education; Movie Maker does not quite compare to iMovie and comparing Audacity  and Garageband is like comparing Lego and Duplo – they do the same things kind of, but not really.

The biggest game changer has been the use of my iPhone in class and the class iPad (Singular, Uno, Tahi, like Han it is Solo).  I have come to love Apple and the ease of its applications and interface. Now I am not going to claim that there is only one device to rule them all, as that is just malarky and we all know it, but for now I am going the Apple path and am plaining to photoabsorb myself in all it has to offer.

Now I have chosen the MacBook Air 11 inch, which is small in size and storage and that could be problematic, but I do not feel that it will be.  The majority of all the ‘paperwork’ that I make at the moment is cloud based in Dropbox, Evernote or Google Drive, so storage of that will not come into the equation.  All of the movies or audio that I have created over the past 6 months is using either an iPad or iPhone then sent to various hosting sites such as YouTube or Vimeo, so again it should not be a problem.  My only issue that I can see being a problem with storage will be music and photos; the photos could be cloud based, but I prefer not to send family photos out to the net, so I think that with a new hard drive this problem will also be saved.

photo (1)Ok, so I am sure that those are not the only three issues, but the rest will be part of the adventure. In 15 minutes of playing i was able to hook into the Wifi at school and workout how the proxy settings worked and I think that the command key works like right click on a mouse, but not always. The journey has begun and I’m feeling good about it, so lets hope that I am feeling the same way once school is back and I have to use it in my class.

In conclusion I must also add that I am not going to miss Microsoft’s constant change in operating system… I am sure that Windows 7 is quite fantastic, but I am not going to take the time to relearn how to use my PC every time a new operating system arrives. So as of now, I am the newest Apple Fanboy and quite excited at the prospect.


8 thoughts on “Changing of the Guard – Apple is in, PC is out.

  1. You’re going to LOVE it! I was “forced” to go down this path 6 years a go… think I would have a hard time accepting a job in a PC school now! 😉

      1. do you know – the only printing I do now is for displays… Kids still use it for final drafts – that may change this term but there is still something nice about the end of the process…

  2. It is so funny that you are willing to learn about the command key and one button mouse but not Windows 8. More power to your Apple Fan Boy Glee.

    1. Had not looked at it that way;) just know that when I used a Mac 6 years ago for a month I learns how to find files and seems same format. If I was to compare windows 95 to 98 to 2000 to xp to vista windows 7 to … It changes too much each time.
      Thanks for your comment.

  3. You HAVE TO, HAVE TO, HAVE TO get Apple TV now! I’ve gone as far as buying one for my friend because it’s a game changer, if you have multiple Apple devices at home Best $99 US I’ve ever spent in my life!

    1. Apple TV is on the wish list. Reflection App is higher on the wish list. I love the way you can push a button and share iPad through projector then next person can jump on after you and so on. Also much cheaper than Apple TV.

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