Educamp and the Un-Conference as Teacher Collaboration and Connection

Yesterday I attended my third Educamp, #EducampCentralOtago2, in Queenstown at Remarkables Primary. It ‘twas a morning of new connections, re-connections and collaboration.  Those of you who are unaware of what an Educamp need to find out what you are missing and keep an eye open for one happening in your area.

It began with a Smackdown, where each of the attendees took 2-3 minutes to share an App or strategy or website that they thought was useful or sharable and worthy of mention. Click here to get to the link and you will find pearls like the 100 Word BHrsv4DCQAE58ZeChallenge or Padlet and Haiku Deck or Doctorpus and Goobric (If you use Google Apps for Educators then must check it out).

Then based upon stickies indicating skill sets and needs we formed off into an Unconference where you get to vote with your feet and are not tied into a session if you discover it’s not for you.  I ran a 45 minute session on classroom blogging and an introduction to twitter and I hope that it was helpful; we swapped emails and I guess that if I get follow up questions through twitter and email I will know if it was effective.

Morning Tea was had afoot as we had a guided tour of Remarkables Primary (Est. 2010) and had their innovative school explained by their Principal and teachers.  It might just be the most picturesque school in New Zealand, if not the world.

And then, after a quick App share and reflection around the room, it was over. Bridges were built between schools and Educampnzconnections were made between teachers.

Educamp: short, punchy and something for all.



4 thoughts on “Educamp and the Un-Conference as Teacher Collaboration and Connection

  1. Hi Luke
    Great to finally meet you in person. Glad you were able to share some expertise as well as gain stuff. Something to teach, something to learn. That’s what makes #educamps rock.


  2. Hi Luke

    Thanks for sharing this. It’s great to have more information available on Educamp, so that educators can get an insight into what goes on before they attend. There can sometimes be a perception that it’s only for techie teachers, which is not true at all! The cool thing is that you drive your learning, and take away as much (or as little) as you want. There is no pressure to have to implement anything new into your programme.

    I am heading to Educamp Wellington on the 18th May, and then co-hosting Educamp Hawkes Bay. Really looking forward to both events – your post has helped me think through the format for Educamp Hawkes Bay, and to remember that it is an unconference – people can go and learn what they want to learn. Thanks for posting the link to the Google Presentation such great stuff!



    1. Thanks Juliet,
      @Annekenn said to me “If you learn teach, if you get give”
      and that is the key in my mind to the unconference and Educamp. We all have learned something and all have gotten something, so this is a platform to give back and teach others.
      The best part of Saturday were the group of teachers from the Maniototo, who traveled for hours to get there, walked in saying we’re not quite sure about all this stuff, but we WANT to learn. We need more teachers like those ladies, as it will be the key for NZ Education to move from 20th to 21st Century.

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