1 Minute iPhone Movie Challenge

This was a sort of geeky challenge I set myself on Easter Sunday, to take my money and place it where my mouth is. I sing the praises of the multi disciplinary iPhone, although truth be known a good Android would do the same, and opportunity presented itself.
It was a day for a Wanau road trip over to the sea at Haast, so my challenge was the one minute movie of the trip. Using iMovie, iLapse and my ukulele to record the sound the finished product.

A Trip to see the Sea from Dukelyer on Vimeo.

Next time I think it could be a documentary or maybe a daughter directed drama, but with the same premiss – 100% phone created, filmed/edited in one day and lasting one minute exactly.



2 thoughts on “1 Minute iPhone Movie Challenge

  1. Pascal

    Great stuff Luke. Now I need an iPhone even more than before. So much easier to capture the moment than on an iPad. Kids would love to become movie makers and this makes it so accessible. Can’t wait to see your classes 1min movie challenge, I bet they will have a million ideas.

    1. Cheers Pascal,
      We still have a lot of the skills and processes to build up before we kick into the challenge. Hopefully when I share it this morning with the class they will realise that they can do the same as 75% have iPod touches.
      All a bit of creative fun really 😉

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