First attempt at a Rewindable Lesson

EEicon_512x512Using Explain Everything I have been practising how to create the rewindable lesson. Not quite there and some scripting and technical issues to tweak, but not bad for a first attempt.  Not at the level of sharing with students or even making public on YouTube, but happy to post secretly here as it has to have some form of audience.



8 thoughts on “First attempt at a Rewindable Lesson

  1. Pascal

    That is my goal as well, to make rewindable lessons. I have not used Explain Everything yet. How did you find it? I couldn’t quite hear it properly as my kids were making too much noise. Will listen again when the house is quiet. Can you upload to Youtube from the app? Or is there another way of publishing it? Good on you for giving it a go. Just like kids, we need to try, make mistakes and then learn from them.

    1. Was a bit fiddly, as I was stop start the whole way as I was adding the images and resizing, but came across rather seamless and you could not here the breaks in the audio unless looking for them.
      Created in three slides then saved to camera roll. From camera roll I uploaded to YouTube. Quick and easy.
      Just need to make sure I have a scrip next time and my stylus, as I was underlining with a finger swipe that looked a bit messy.

  2. I thought it was great! Seemed seamless to me (no pun intended). I don’t think kids think about “messy” or not. That’s an adult’s way of looking at things so I wouldn’t sweat the tiny details. The most important part is that the learning is clear and I can see easily what you’re after in the lesson. Works much better than just handing out a rubric. Well done!

    1. Thank you Vivian and I will try not to sweat the tiny details 🙂 My main reflection is that I need to make the learning more directed. It was a trial, so I made up the lesson as I went, but for it to be really effective I think that I need a clearer view of what I want the end product to look like before I begin the task 🙂

    1. Most defiantly. There is a lot of possibilities and I think that some sound world be beneficial. Might have a look on C Search for some good background music. Any ideas where I could find some nice Jazz?

      1. Love it! Insomnia is my favourite and reminds me of Dizzy and Miles, but I’m just a novice jazz man with a half dozen CDs.
        If I can use I will and all credit will come to you, but I will just enjoy listening to your music in class for now 😉

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